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Here are some comments from folks who have hired Fred to fix their computer issues.  Would you like Fred to help you with your computer or network issues?  Contact Fred and send him an email!

"You are the best!  The computer is lightening fast.  I didn’t even realize it was slow.  And emails are now flying out of here with attachments."

-- Laurel P. (office manager for a Long Beach, CA condo complex, had a slow PC with network-related issues)

"Everything is working now!  Don't know what happened, but you fixed it!  Thanks so much for helping."
-- Nancy A., a senior home user in Sherman Oaks, CA.  Scammers had hacked into her PC and locked her out for ransom.

"Wow!  Thank you so much for all the work on our computer.  I turned it on this morning and it was SO fast!  We want to get scheduled with your suggested maintenance schedule.  We plan on buying a new computer in the next 6 months, so we will be in touch!"

-- Traci and Scott H., home users in Fountain Valley, CA with an older PC that had become slow and sluggish, with lots of lockups and freezing.

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