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This is Fred Thomke

About the PC-Help Guru

Fred Thomke has been helping friends and family members with their computer issues for years.  He has been trained in PC tech support and home networking, and is constantly honing those skills.  He finally decided to create a site folks can access to learn more about their computer, request assistance, and even do a little troubleshooting on their own, assuming, of course, their computer issues don't PREVENT them from getting to this site in the first place!  Fred's services are very reasonable in price, and he is extremely ethical.

In addition to his passion for computers, Fred is also a part-time musician.  He sings and plays guitar, with a bit of harmonica thrown in for good measure.  He uses his own computer to create and edit his "backing tracks" so that when he's performing as a solo act, he can still have the sound of "a full band" with him!  If you'd like to know more about Fred's music interests, drop him a line using the Contact form, or visit his music website:

You may also send an email (music-related only, please) to and he'll be happy to share his info!

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