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Fred Thomke

Your very own

PC Help Guru!

(Don't worry - he can help, as long as the coffee holds out!)


Typical setup window one might see when you Install and setup devices on your PC

 Device Installation & Setup 

Repair your PC


Set up and configure your network

 Wifi & Internet 


Fred truly enjoys helping people to learn more about their computers!  At a minimum, he tries to take some of the mystery out of your computer -- it's not just a "black box" that sometimes needs a good swift kick to keep it running!  
Fred can come to your home or office (usually within a 30-mile radius from Huntington Beach, CA), but he can also perform a "Virtual House Call" to anywhere in the world!  He may be able to assist you remotely and solve your problem in minutes, assuming you have a relatively hi-speed working internet connection.  Don't worry, it's very safe and secure.  And he would NEVER do anything unethical with your computer or files -- you can literally watch everything he does on your computer, just as if you and he were both sitting at your computer!  Fred's been doing this type of support for many years and has had ZERO complaints and ZERO issues in all these years.  Fred cannot access your computer without your knowledge and he WILL NOT access it without your permission!  In fact, there is the code of ethics to which Fred adheres.

What can the PC Help Guru do to help?
When it comes to your computer, your home network, or your small business network, Fred can provide:

Consulting services -- what products to buy, install, upgrade, e-recycle, e-waste, and so on.
Analysis -- what is happening to your computer and/or network, preventing you from doing what you wish to do.
Advice -- on the best solution(s) to your technical problem(s).

Training -- Fred can help you get the most out of your new hardware and software.

Computer repair services include:
  Windows errors, corruption and other software problems
  Virus, Spyware and Malware removal
  Recovery of files from locked user profiles or password resetting of locked profiles
  Data Recovery from failed or failing drives
  Hard Drive Cloning; creating an exact copy of your existing drive onto a new drive
  PC Crashing or freezing
  Overheating Issues
  Slow running PC
  Replacement of faulty components
  Most other issues

Other technical support for TVs, Android mobile phones, home entertainment gear, home security cameras, networks, etc.  Basically, if it plugs into the wall or has a battery, Fred can usually help you.

Oh, one last thing: Fred only works on Windows PCs and Linux PCs -- no iPhones, iPads, or Macs!  Sorry Apple fans, you're on your own!

Usually, one of the first things people want to know is...
How much does Fred charge for his services?


Well, it depends!  If you only have a question or a simple issue, and he can easily answer or resolve it over the phone or by email, you likely won't be charged ANYTHING!  Fred considers it his way of giving back to the community.  However, if he does have to actually spend a good amount of time on your problem, Fred will charge a very fair and reasonable price.  His rates are very low since his overhead is low.  If he has to come to you to fix your issue at your location, he'll charge a bit more than if you brought your gear to him.  Conversely, if he can fix your issue remotely via a "Virtual House Call" then he'll charge less than if he physically traveled to your location.

Bottom line: just ask!  You'll talk a bit, and if he can help for free he will do so.  If Fred thinks it's going to be a bit more involved than a few minutes of time or effort, he'll tell you and you can discuss what to do at that point.  No pressure, NO OBLIGATION!!  On top of that, ALL of his work is guaranteed!  If you're not 100% satisfied, let him know and he'll either correct the issue or refund your money, no questions asked!

For those who need a Service Agreement, click here to download a copy of Fred's current Agreement PDF.  Feel free to reach out to Fred if you have any questions about the agreement.


Disclaimer (you just knew there had to be one!):

Fred cannot refund for the costs of hardware that fails.  You will have to get your hardware refunds from the store or dealer from which you bought it.  Fred won't recommend hardware that he's not thoroughly convinced will solve the issue at hand.  If he recommends new/more memory, or a new hard drive, or a new mouse, etc., there's usually a good reason.  He does not make money from the purchase of this gear as he is not a dealer, nor is he is a product reseller (with the occasional exception of refurbished gear he might have available).  YOU are the one who purchases it directly from the store or dealer of your choice, YOU are the one who gets the warranty, and it is YOUR responsibility to get any refunds for non-working gear.  At Fred's discretion, he may assist you in obtaining any refunds, but he is not obligated to do so.

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